Engineered Wood (MDF) Shutters

Engineered Wood

MDF shutters, the first of our ranges and the most cost-effective, our entry-level product is our most popular material, making up probably 85% of all our shutter installs. Formerly known as Craftwood there are a couple of limitations with the MDF material. Size, MDF is quite heavy compared to its natural wood counterparts making large installations difficult, as extra weight can lead to excess wear on the hinges, framework and fixings.

High-Quality Hardwood Shutters at Prices Hard To Beat

Paint finish, Antigua MDF Shutters are only available in the most common 9 paint colours, which is never usually a problem as the vast majority of customers are looking for a white finish. They are however built with a patented polymer coating making them a very robust material that’s easy to clean and maintain making them great value for money.

MDF Shutter
MDF Engineered Shutters
MDF Bay Window Shutters

Available in all the popular styles of Full height, Half Height and Tier on Tier and the availability of triangular-shaped windows.

5 louvre sizes of 47mm,64,76, 89 and 114mm the upgrade option of Hidden tilt control all make this a fantastic product.

Only 2 panels can be hinged together in MDF shutters due to the weight limitations, e.g LRR or LLR configurations can only be used. If you require more than two panels hinged together then you will need to upgrade to a lighter material, for more info please ask on your consultation.

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